The Second Trip

by Robert Silverberg

Year: 1973

Publisher: Signet

Country: USA

Pages: 192

Media: Mass market paperback



Cover art: (unknown)

ID: 1153


Was it a case of mistaken identity or demonic possession?

Hamlin, get out of my mind!

Whose mind?

You heard me! You forfeited the right to this body when you became the mad rapist of suburbia four years ago. You were condemned to Rehabilitation. You're dead, Hamlin — deconstructed — why can't you stay that way?

I'm more alive than you are, Macy. You're just the imaginary creation of some second-rate doctor's mind. You have no reality, but I have. I'm the world's greatest psycho-sculptor, and you're nothing. I'm the one with the right to this body. So get out!

Never! This life is mine.

We'll see about that!...

And then there was pain...