The South Pole: A Book to Begin On

by Lee Sebastian*

Year: 1968

Publisher: Holt Rinehart Winston

Country: USA


Media: Hard cover book


Code: 68-11842

Cover art: (unknown)

ID: 1241


The fascination which the South Pole has long held for young and old alike is colorfully captured in a new Book to Begin On, the first book on this subject especially designed for use at the first through third grade level.

Since 1773, explorers have risked their lives to reach the fabled bottom of the world. Lee Sebastian, author of Rivers: A Book to Begin On, describes the forbidding location of the South Pole, the continent of Antarctica, the land of eternal ice, and tells of the surprisingly large population of living creatures who are able to survive there. In an especially engrossing section, Mr. Sebastian gives an account of the explorers who have attempted to reach the South Pole — from Captain Cook, who thought he would find a pleasantly warm land inhabited by people; to Roald Amundsen, who actually reached the Pole in 1911; and the courageous Robert Falcon Scott, who also reached the Pole , but did not survive the return journey.

The intriguing narrative ends with a description of the South Pole today and in the future — as a permanent base for scientists, as a rich source of mineral wealth beneath the ice, and even as a lure for tourists who are fascinated by this strange land at the bottom of the worlds.