Up the Line

by Robert Silverberg

Year: 1969

Publisher: Ballantine

Country: USA

Pages: 250

Media: Mass market paperback



Cover art: (unknown)

ID: 1441


Judson Daniel Elliott III thought of himself as being a pretty square type. But he was simultaneously attacked by restlessness, weltschmerz, tax liens and unfocused ambition. This left him with several horrible alternatives.

In the circumstances, he was glad to accept the advice of Sam, his friendly black guru, who introduced Jud to the Time Service, Sam himself being a part-time Time Serviceman.

And a roistering, bawdy lot they turned out to be. Judson was alarmed and delighted. In fact, he was astounded at the ease with which he took to the swinging life of a Time Courier — and before he knew it, he had, of course, landed himself in a marvelous temporal paradox whose name was Pulcheria...