Downward to the Earth

by Robert Silverberg

Year: 1978

Publisher: Pan

Country: USA

Pages: 173

Media: Mass market paperback

ISBN: 0330255916


Cover art: (unknown)

ID: 2354


Hugo and Nebula Award-winning
Robert Silverberg

'Probably the most intelligent science fiction writer in America'
Ursula Le Guin

Downward to the Earth

The planet Belzagor is predominantly jungle, populated by the elephant-like alien nildoror and the bi-pedal sulidoror.

Gundersen was last on Belzagor when it was the colonial planet Holman's World and he was an administrator. He has returned to meet old friends, his former lover Seena and the enigmatic Kurtz.

Yet Gundersen is still driven by an old guilt from the time when he prevented wome nildoror from journeying to their sacred place for the mysterious ceremony of 'rebirth'. Now he wishes to undergo the bizarre nildoror rite, to travel to the mist country for his own metamorphosis...

'A journey of discovery on an alien world... this one ranks among the finest of Silverberg's immensely fruitful recent years'