The King of Dreams

by Robert Silverberg

Year: 2001

Publisher: Voyager

Country: UK

Pages: 400

Media: Trade paperback

ISBN: 0002247453


Cover art: Jim Burns

ID: 715


At last Prestimion prepares to take his place in the subterranean Labyrinth where the Pontifex must dwell. He has named Prince Dekkeret to succeed him as Coronal. Once a commoner, Dekkeret brings new blood to the aristocratic Starburst Throne, and a popular wisdom. Another prosperous joint reign should begin.

But the diabolical Mandralisca is the éminence grise behind a declaration of independence from distant Zimroel. Coolly proclaiming the five debauched nephews of the treacherous Dantirya Sambail to be the Five Lords of Zimroel, Madralisca is preparing to destroy the unity and peace of Majipoor.

The soothsayer Su-Suheris predicts that a new power is loose in the world, a power equal to any other, but Dekkeret has no faith in omens. Only when Mandralisca avails himself of a sinister device that destroys the mind of Dekkeret's own High Counsellor does the ne Coronal begin to see a threat. But without THE KING OF DREAMS, how can he combat the sinister power emanating from Zimroel?