The New Springtime

by Robert Silverberg

Year: 1991

Publisher: Warner

Country: USA

Pages: 472

Media: Mass market paperback

ISBN: 0-446-36172-0


Cover art: Michael Whelan

ID: 885


The People came forth from eons of ice to rebuild the world at Winter's End. But the horrifying insect hjjks — led by an immortal telepathic Queen — also wish to rule the New Springtime, and they are learned, united, and powerful, while the People are ignorant, tribal, and split into warring factions. Now the hjjks offer the People a "treaty," a vision of security that is seductive, beautiful...yet absolutely inhuman.

If the tribes refuse, the earth will run with genocidal blood. The People will be exterminated, or they will destroy a race infinitely old and wise. If the hjjks are accepted, the People will have survived the Winter — only to lose their newfound humanity...