Waiting for the End by Robert Silverberg

"Waiting for the End"

by Robert Silverberg

Form: Novelette

Year: 1998

ID: 1249

Publication history:


This is another story from the Roma Eterna alternate history.

Lucius Aelius Antipater is the "Master of Greek Letters to Caesar," basically a translator for the Emperor Maximilianus VI. It is a troubled time for the Empire, with the Eastern (Byzantine) Empire gaining in strength as the Western fades after a series of disastrous campaigns in the New World. A secret message from the enemy has been intercepted, and Caesar is faced with a number of equally futile choices. Quite an enjoyable read, well thought out, with a satisfying ending and engaging characters. It is worth noting that this, like The Alien Years, puts the protagonist in the position of facing an unbeatable foe, and that in neither case does the classic struggle against impossible odds result in a rousing but improbable triumph.

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