The World Within the Tide Pool by Robert Silverberg

The World Within the Tide Pool

by Robert Silverberg

Form: Non-fiction

Year: 1972

ID: 1311

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(from Weybright & Talley 1972)

In all of nature there is no more fascinating a subject for study and understanding than the wondrous variety of creatures that live at the very margins of the sea.

In this exciting collaboration a noted author and a distinguised nature artist together explore and illuminate nature's saltwater aquariums, the innumerable tide pools along the temperate coastlines of the world. These minute ecologies sustain strange and beautiful life forms, many of them described and rendered in the pages of this book. But these hardy organisms, forged into strong little communities by millennia of adaptation, are being devastated by vast oil spills and rivers of industrial pollution. Why and how our planet's myriad tide pools are being threatened is made clear in text and illustration.


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