The Robin Hood Ambush by William F. Wu

The Robin Hood Ambush

by William F. Wu

Form: Novel

Year: 1990

ID: 1434

Publication history:


(from Harper & Row 1990)

A new series from the mind of the three-time Hugo and five-time Nebula award-winning Robert Silverberg!

Robert Silverberg's Time Tours

In the next century, time travel is a tourist business...a very risky tourist business. Couriers can take travelers into any time they wish. But once there, they'd better not change history. The Time Patrol is watching, and those who meddle with the past may find themselves erased from it!

The Robin Hood Ambush

Three high-school friends, Bob, Will, and Allan head back to AD 1189 for a vacation. What starts out as a trip to see King Richard the Lion-Hearted turns into a dangerous adventure!

A corrupt twenty-first century Time Patrolman is altering history to build an evil empire during the time of Robin Hood. The three boys wish Robin Hood would appear to help—but they know he was only a myth. No one around them knows it, though! Arming themselves with longbows, quarterstaffs, and tales of Robin Hood, the threesome set out to battle the Time Patrolman's criminal scheme...and bring alive a legend from the past!


One of the Robert Silverberg's Time Tours series, based on the scenario of Up the Line.

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