The Way They Wove the Spells in Sippulgar by Robert Silverberg

"The Way They Wove the Spells in Sippulgar"

by Robert Silverberg

Form: Novelette

Year: 2009

ID: 1742

Publication history:


This rare later Silverberg work returns to Majipoor for the engaging story of a practical businessman of Sisivondal sent by his wife on a mission to the exotic southern city of Sippulgar, home to a multitude of religions and cults. This is during the reign of Confalume Pontifex. His goal is to discover the truth about the "disappearance under mysterious circumstances" of his brother-in-law, an entrepreneur with a long history of failed enterprises. In Sippulgar, his practical world view is challenged by believers in demons and other supernatural forces.

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