Crime and Punishment by Robert Silverberg

"Crime and Punishment"

by Robert Silverberg

Form: Short story

Year: 1982

ID: 192

Publication history:


Chapter 7 of Majipoor Chronicles. I do not know of any publication apart from that book.

During the reign of Lord Kinniken, not long before the time of Lord Valentine, a very rare event occurs on Majipoor: a murder. A businessman named Sigmar Haligome argues with one of his suppliers, a man named Gleim, and ends up pushing him off a balcony into the River Stee. As there are no witnesses, Haligome pretends nothing has happened and resumes his life. Until, that is, the dreams start. Horrifying dreams sent by the King of Dreams, that mysterious Power of Suvrael. This story is an exploration of how justice works on Majipoor, and what role the King plays in it, as well as being a study in guilt and redemption.

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