Getting to Know the Dragon by Robert Silverberg

"Getting to Know the Dragon"

by Robert Silverberg

Form: Novelette

Year: 1999

ID: 371

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A story in the Roma Eterna series set in the year 2503 AUC (1750 to you and me). It concerns Tiberius Ulpius Draco, a character reminiscent of Leonardo da Vinci, genius in many fields, from science to architecture to history. His particular passion is investigating the life of his ancestor, the famous caesar Trajan VII, known as Draco (The Dragon), but he is constantly interrupted by his own emperor, the rash and flighty Demetrius, heir to the Roman throne, who has very big plans for his pet genius.

The main focus of this story is actually on Trajan, whose deeds, revealed in an ancient journal, present him to not be the man Tiberius thought him to be. A touching story of hero worship encountering warts, rather thoughtful and scholarly and containing no action scenes whatsoever.

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