Good News from the Vatican by Robert Silverberg

"Good News from the Vatican"

by Robert Silverberg

Form: Short story

Year: 1971

ID: 396

Publication history:


Winner of the Nebula Award for best short story, 1971, and a perennial favorite among readers.

Ever since I read Baron Corvo's Hadrian the Seventh in 1955 I have entertained the desire to become the Pope—an ambition complicated to some degree by the fact that I am not in holy orders, nor a Roman Catholic, nor even a Christian at all. As my friends know, I duly submit an application whenever a vacancy occurs in Rome, but as of this date [1975] the Church has not seen fit to make use of my services. (From Silverberg's introduction in The Best of Robert Silverberg) The story concerns the election of a robot Pope, but Silverberg gives no background or explanation for the phenomenon of robot faith, so for me there are more questions than answers. Still, it's a fun little story.

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