The Millennium Express by Robert Silverberg

"The Millennium Express"

by Robert Silverberg

Form: Short story

Year: 2000

ID: 740

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For the turn of our millennium, Silverberg delivers a wildly imaginative story chock full of bizarre wonders casually tossed off as only a master could. I can't recall ever reading a view of the future like this one, fascinating from the opening paragraph to the last.

A lot has changed since the last turn of a millennium — in the year 2999, the Earth is a warm planet from pole to pole, and many of the old coastal cities lie flooded. The small population remaining lives a life of ease, with technology they don't have to even think about making real work of any kind unnecessary. But as the next millennium approaches, the great achievements of the past are being destroyed. The beautiful towers of underwater Istanbul, the Washington Monument, the Sistine Chapel, all wiped from the face of the planet by some hideous vandalism. Strettin Vulpius takes it upon himself to find out what deranged individual or group would do such things.

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