The Mutant Prime by Karen Haber

The Mutant Prime

by Karen Haber

Form: Novel

Year: 1990

ID: 770

Publication history:


(from Doubleday 1990)

Spring comes to the mutant clans.

Now, in this sequel to Robert Silverberg and Karen Haber's The Mutant Season, the mutants begin to emerge from their long, hidden sleep. Slowly, quietly, they have slipped into the paths of ordinary life and become caught up in the everyday problems that face all of us, mutant or normal. One career is stalled. Another is threatened by the political need for a scapegoat. The clan must come together again.

Michael, trapped in a loveless marriage and facing the blame for a disaster in which he had no part.

Melanie, separated from clan and family, fighting to prove her worth in the world of normals.

Narlydda, using her fame and wealth as a blind for her mutant identity, trapped in an age of luxury.

Now, from nowhere comes a man who thrusts himself into all their lives—a man who might change the world. Is Victor Ashman the long-awaited, long-sought supermutant—the Mutant Prime? Before his frightening powers can turn the normal world against them all, the clan must find him, and—if necessary—stop him.


This is the second book in the Mutant series, following 15 years after The Mutant Season. It is followed by Mutant Star.

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