Amanda and the Alien by Robert Silverberg

"Amanda and the Alien"

by Robert Silverberg

Form: Novelette

Year: 1983

ID: 34

Publication history:


Amanda always expected that when she fell in love, it would be with a musician or an artist — at the very least a human. Then she meets an alien on the run from the FBI and shelters him.

This short story was made into a movie in 1995 starring Baywatch beauty Nicole Eggert and featuring Michael Dorn and Stacey Keach. It's a kind of cheesy made-for-cable movie which tries to be a comedy but doesn't always succeed (though the espresso scene is hilarious). Robert Silverberg makes a brief nonspeaking appearance as a talk show guest at the end. He's the one sitting next to Amanda, making funny faces at her. Special effects are minimal (the alien's pretty corny looking) — no big-budget blockbuster here. If you feel the need to purchase it, avaoid the places that well it for $80 or more. I got it under $20 from Videoflicks. As of November 2005, it has not been released on DVD. Check out the Internet Movie Database entry.

The first part of the movie sticks remarkably close to the story (including some word-for-word dialog), but the story's ending is altered to allow a longer, chase-oriented plot.

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