The Ultimate Werewolf

edited by Ron Priess

Trade paperback
Cover art


Fifty years ago, the Wolf Man stalked onto the nation's movie screens, and has remained there in one incarnation or another ever since. Whether it's because Lawrence Talbot (played unforgettably by Lon Chaney) began as an ordinary human just like the rest of us, or because the idea of releasing the animal within us is so appealing, the Wolf Man's transformation into a monster retains a particular horror and particular fascination.

Now, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the motion picture, THE ULTIMATE WEREWOLF brings together the mesmerizing fiction of a howling pack of SF masters — from Harlan Ellison and Robert Silverberg to Bill Prinzini and A.C. Crispin. Haunting and humorous, fantastic and imaginative, here are twenty unforgettable twists on the classic legend:

"WOLF, IRON, AND MOTH" by Philip Jose Farmer. An SF Grand Master spins a fascinating tale about a sheriff who believes he is closing in on the unknown monster that has been terrorizing his town — unaware that all too soon he will be the hunted...
"THERE'S A WOLF IN MY TIME MACHINE" by Larry Niven. Hanville Svetz has traveled back in time to capture creatures who no longer inhabit his own polluted and dying earth. By sheer good luck, he's caught a wolf. By sheer bad luck, his time-cage malfunctions and he's stranded in an alternate timeline — where humans are mere pets and wolves are the masters...
"UNLEASHED" by Nina Kiriki Hoffman. Kelly Patterson hated what happened to him at every new moon. Until he met Amelia, and discovered that there are worse things than being transformed into a wolf...

From Mel Gilden's gripping fable of a small town with werewolf fever, to Nancy Collins' tale of a young boy unaware of the evil within him, to Stuart Kaminsky's wolfman in Moscow, THE ULTIMATE WEREWOLF gives new life to an immortal classic.