What's new?

This is a listing of updates to this website, as well as some items of interest to fans of Robert Silverberg. Note that links within postings worked at the time they were written, but may have changed since.


2019-01-03 — I was poking around at The Western & Frontier Fiction Magazine Index looking for more info about the handful of Western stories that Silverberg wrote, and came across two that I was previously unaware of: Have Colts Will Travel and Sagebrush Song.


2018-12-23 — This is the debut of the almost entirely new Majipoor.com. The back-end database is the same, so all of the same information is here, it's just presented in a more modern fashion. The pages should be readable on a variety of screen sizes, from big monitors to smart phones, and pictures should size themselves appropriately. There will probably be some kinks to work out, but it seems at least as bug-free as the old site was.


2018-12-20 — Majipoor.com has been moved to a new server with a new hosting company. Many thanks to my old friend Shane for years of hosting the site


2017-09-06 — I've been working on an almost totally new version of the website, taking advantage of modern design techniques to make pages viewable on phones and tablets. Many more images have been added, and many more are coming.


2015-07-09 — More graphic adaptations of Silverberg stories are in the works, according to an announcement from the British publishing house Humanoids. First on their slate is Downward to the Earth, with script by Philippe Thirault with art by Laura Zuccheri. An announcement was made at San Diego Comic Con.


2012-04-16 — There's a good interview with RS recently out at SF Signal which includes some news about a new Majipoor story.


2012-04-16 — For those who read French, check out a detailed Majipoor site created by a dedicated fan.


2012-04-16 — Finally added the new publication of an old non-SF story as Blood on the Mink. Available for Kindle from Amazon as well as a physical book.


2012-04-04 — Majipoor is back! Or at least the Majipoor pages are. I've restored them from incomplete copies, but it's better than what was there.


2012-04-02 — Note that several Silverberg titles are available from e-reads in convenient digital form.