To Jorslem

by Robert Silverberg


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This sequel to Nightwings and Among the Rememberers (Part 3 of the novel) was nominated for Nebula Award for best novella, 1969.

Finding himself again Guildless, Tomis leaves Perris, this time accompanied by the treacherous Olmayne, former Rememberer and murderer of her husand. They are bound for the holy city of Jorslem, and join the Guild of Pilgrims, wearing masks and taking on certain religious duties (Olmayne reluctantly and not very sincerely). Along the way, they meet a Surgeon in a village dying from a mysterious crystallization disease which is inevitably fatal. They do their best to comfort the unfortunates and travel on. Once they arrive in Jorslem, they apply for Redemption, a process whereby aging humans may regain their youth if they are found worthy. Tomis meets his old companion Avluela the Flier, who tells him of a great new destiny awaiting him after he is Renewed. This brings the story of Third Cycle Earth to a marvellous and satisfying close.

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