The Deceivers

by Robert Silverberg

writing as L.T. Woodward MD


Publication history


(From Beacon 1962)

Suburban Adultery — America's number one problem!

Are husbands today encouraging their wives to have extramarital affairs with other men?
See case history of Doris H.

Do suburban housewives often leap from premarital virginity to licentious sexual promiscuity?
See case history of Ruth F.

Until now many authorities have considered "cheating" an illness. But can it actually rescue marriages?
See case history of Kathy F.

Love can be a matter of sex. But in the absence of normal sex, can aberration and forbidden practices server as well?
See case history of Joan A.

True of false? Children can cause married couples to fling themselves into unnatural sex habits?
See case history of Tom F.

Executives may hotly love their wives — yet time after time seek thrills in the beds of other women!
See case history of Edward M.

Ruthless exploiters of sex hunger are often mature wives who deliberately seduce teen-age boys.
See case history of Fred T.

You may find the answer to your problem in
... a doctor's frank appraisal of the sexual looseness threatening marraiage in today's suburbs.


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