The Desert of Stolen Dreams

by Robert Silverberg


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This story is Chapter 5 of Majipoor Chronicles.

Dekkeret, a young knight-to-be of the Coronal Prestimion's retinue, sails to the arid southern continent of Suvrael on a mission of personal atonement after a hunting accident. He hires a shady character named Barjazid as a guide on an expedition to the interior, a route which has taken many lives and is said to be haunted. As the trip progresses, Dekkeret is plagued by dreams that threaten his very life. When he discovers the source of the haunting, life on Majipoor will never be the same.

This is one of very few Majipoor stories which touch upon the hot southern continent of Suvrael, and contains many details about the flora and fauna of that land, as well as a few glimpses into how life there is different from the more heavily populated continents.

Some of the events of this story, told from different perspectives, are related in Lord Prestimion and King of Dreams.

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