A Thief in Ni-moya

by Robert Silverberg


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This story became Chapter 9 of Majipoor Chronicles.

Inyanna Forlana is a woman of about thirty who is not looking forward to spending the rest of her life as a small-time shopkeeper in the mountain town of Velathys. Then one day two men bearing the seal of the Pontifex arrive and inform her that she has inherited a great mansion in the vast city of Ni-moya. She sells all her belongings to make the lengthy trip, only to arrive and discover she has been conned. Desperate for a livelihood, she joins the official thieves of the Grand Bazaar. This is a recognized and respected position and not considered crime there, though it is at odds with her old shopkeeper's instincts. In her new profession, Inyanna learns much about herself and her world, preparing her for a destiny she little imagines. Probably my favorite story in Majipoor Chronicles, closely followed by The Desert of Stolen Dreams.

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