What's new?

This is a listing of updates to this website, as well as some items of interest to fans of Robert Silverberg. Note that links within postings worked at the time they were written, but may have changed since.


2010-03-11 — I got an email from RS this morning, and learned of a previously unknown (even to him!) Western story called Get out of Town.


2010-02-20 — For those interested in Silverberg's "adult" writings of the 60s, some more information about cover art for Campus Sex Club and The Fires Within. The artist was Robert A Maguire.


2010-02-11 — I got an email this morning from Alix Didrich, director of a French screen adaptation of The Mutant Season. You can find more information here and here. The schedule isn't set yet, but it should be on France 3 TV later this year.


2010-02-03 — In case you hadn't noticed, Asimov's online magazine seems to be putting the RS "Reflections" columns up for free on their website. Here is the current one.


2010-01-26 — Thanks to Jean-Louis, I have a link to a brief interview with RS at WorldCon 2009. Click here.


2010-01-14 — Thanks to help from Rias Nuninga, who has a great Philip Jose Farmer website, I've corrected some errors in my listings for a Russian edition here.


2010-01-14 — Thanks to an email from Allen Koszowski, I have updated info about Inhuman #1 as well as the forthcoming Inhuman #4, both of which feature reprints of RS stories.


2010-01-14 — I've been able to add covers and more information about issues of SF Monthly and SF Digest, including credits for cover art. Thanks, Ant!


2009-11-29 — After trolling around on the Japanese Amazon.com site, I've added entries for Japanese editions of Nightwings (of which I bought a copy at the Worldcon in Yokohama), Nightfall, The Positronic Man and The Auk, the Dodo, and the Oryx.


2009-11-25 — Added an entry for the recent autobiographical collection Other Spaces, Other Times.