Among the Rememberers

by Robert Silverberg


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A sequel to Nightwings, and Part 2 of the novel. The Earth has been conquered in a single night, and the former Watcher, now Guildless, leaves Roum to join the guild of Rememberers, whose headquarters is in the city of Perris. Outside Roum, he meets a masked Pilgrim who turns out to be the deposed Prince of Roum, his eyes plucked out by the jealous Gormon (who was in fact an advance spy for the invaders) in retaliation for stealing Avluela. Together, the two walk from Roum to Perris, where the Watcher is apprenticed to the Rememberers and given the name of Tomis. The Prince remains incognito as a hanger-on in the Rememberers' Hall as Tomis learns the mysteries of Earth's past, including the secret of the invaders' ancient grudge against Earth. Meanwhile, the Prince (up to his old tricks) seduces the Rememberer Olmayne and involves Tomis in a knot of treachery that could betray both to the invaders. The story continues in To Jorslem.

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