Revolt on Alpha C

by Robert Silverberg


Publication history


(From Warner 1989)

Thirty-five years ago, young Robert Silverberg burst onto the s.f. scene to become one of the most honored writers in the history of science fiction — the only author to win 5 Nebula Awards and 3 Hugo Awards.

His historic first novel, REVOLT ON ALPHA C, is a work of nonstop excitement, courage, and conscience that takes us from the perils of deep space to terror on a jungle planet of dinosaurs—and revolution...

Larry Stark's life is the Patrol — until he's ordered to smash the freedom fighters on colony world Alpha C IV, as his own shipmates desert to join the rebellion. Loyalty to the Patrol will make Stark a mass murderer. Loyalty to his friends will make him a traitor. Alone on an alien world, Stark must choose sides... or be marked for death—

By both camps...


Revolt on Alpha C is not a major work by any standard, but as Silverberg's first novel it does occupy a cherished place in the history of science fiction. It contains many of the hallmarks of his later work (distrust of authority, questioning of tradition), but in embryonic form, showing more promise than accomplishment. In spite of its shortcomings, it has been reprinted many times (including an unknown number of printings by SBS with different covers) and translated into foreign languages. For the occasion of Silverberg's 35th year in the business, Warner Books offered copies of it free to purchasers of At Winter's End. The special edition has an introduction explaining the history of the book, how it came to be written, Silverberg's first struggles to produce something an editor would buy, and confirmation that the character Harl Ellison was indeed named after the writer of the same name, then a neighbor of Silverberg in New York.

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