A Sleep and a Forgetting

by Robert Silverberg

Short story

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This story was written for the second volume of the What Might Have Been alternate history collections, and deals with Genghis Khan. A scientist has invented a device which seems to make mental contact with people from the past. He calls in a friend of his, who is an expert on the old Mongol language, to try to make sense of their latest contact. The man comes to the startling conclusion that he is communicating with Ganghis Khan, but a very different Khan than the one in our history.

This story was adapted by The Hollywood Theatre of the Ear for the 2000 X radio show, featuring the voices of Rosemary Alexander, René Auberjonois, Rodertson Dean, Kaitlin Hopkins, and Allan Miller. The adaptation was done by Michael Cassutt. It is available in this form for purchase from Audible.com.

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