What's new?

This is a listing of updates to this website, as well as some items of interest to fans of Robert Silverberg. Note that links within postings worked at the time they were written, but may have changed since.


2009-11-22 — Added entries for the two Chinese translations I have of Silverberg books: Lord Valentine's Castle and Thorns.


2009-11-06 — New listings for the trade paperback and hardcover versions of the Robert Randall mystery collection A Little Intelligence. Don't know the contents yet.


2009-10-31 — I've added a special page for artist David Schleinkofer here. Some interesting art and a question for everyone.


2009-10-13 — Although the site is still not restored completely, a new story has come to my attention, so I added it to the database. Check it out here.


2009-09-20 — Due to the sudden disappearance of the previous hosting company, Majipoor.com is currently incomplete. I'm working on the restoration as fast as I can. Images in particular are missing, and some may even now be attached to the wrong book. For some reason, I've also lost all of the accented characters on the French book titles. The pages about the planet Majipoor are also still MIA.


2007-05-12 — Finally added the French version of the biography, thanks once more to Jean-Louis Peyre and Mélanie Fazi.


2007-03-18 — Added a new translation of the home page here. Thanks to Monica Fuchs.


2006-09-27 — Added a French translation of the home page here. Thanks to Jean-Louis Peyre and Mélanie Fazi. There are more French pages to come.


2006-09-27 — More info on The Great Wall of China.


2006-09-27 — More info on The Sorcerer's Apprentice.