The Inhabitants of Majipoor


Majipoor has a wide variety of intelligent beings living on it, some native to the planet, and some native to other worlds. It is possible that other species have lived Majipoor, whether native or visiting, since it is not known conclusively who built many of the ancient ruins scattered around the continents.

The degree to which the various species interact varies from region to region, as some species prefer certain climates over others.

Piurivar (Metamorphs or Shapeshifters)

Origin: Native to Majipoor

The Piurivar are the primary native intelligent species of Majipoor. Their ways are very mysterious and frightful to humans. In their natural state, they are slender and long-legged, have pale greenish skin, very sharp cheekbones, small bumps of noses, and slanted eyes without pupils. Their skin contains cells able to change color and texture, and their bones are "not jointed like those of other races" according to Deliamber. Their ability to alter their appearance is limited by their physical size (an adult Piurivar could not become as small as a Vroon, for example), but is quite convincing, able to deceive humans even over prolonged periods of close contact.

The supreme deity in Piurivar religion is called the Most High.

During the time of Lord Stiamot, they were all rounded up and confined to a reservation on Zimroel, though it is difficult to confine a race of shapeshifters.


Origin: Native to Majipoor

A primitive race native to Majipoor. They are apelike and have prehensile tails, but they do possess a language and a religion. Forest-brethren are often killed by Metamorphs in religious ceremonies. As the name implies, they inhabit forests.


Origin: Native to Majipoor

Little is known about the Sea-dragons, and in fact their intelligence was not generally known until the time of Lord Valentine. They are large sea creatures, and throughout much of human history on Majipoor have been hunted and killed, with virtually every part of their bodies being utilized in some way.

Sea-dragons (painting by Jim Burns)


Origin: Not native to Majipoor

Since arriving on Majipoor, humans have spread all over the lands, dominating virtually everywhere they live. In some isolated areas (like the Khyntor Marches), tribes of humans have fallen into primitive ways. Our contemporary concept of race seems to not be a factor, and skin, hair and eye color appear to cover the gamut of possibilities.


Origin: Not native to Majipoor

Skandars are large, hairy beings with six limbs, rather like big bears with four arms. They are known for their strength and coordination. Their native planet is a cold one, and they are often uncomfortable in Majipoor's heat, though they are not given to complain. Their fur ranges in color from various shades of blue, gray, and white.

Skandars juggling (painting by Jim Burns)


Origin: Not native to Majipoor

Ghayrogs are a reptilian race of humanoids. They have snaky Medusa-like hair. Instead of sleeping in a daily cycle, Ghayrogs sleep once a year, for two or three months in winter.


Origin: Not native to Majipoor

Vroons are small (adult size under a meter) octopus-like tentacled beings with telepathic powers. They have large eyes and beak-like mouths.

Two Vroons (painting by Jim Burns)


Origin: Not native to Majipoor

Liimen are three-eyed humanoids generally employed in manual labor. They have seven bony fingers on each hand.


Origin: Not native to Majipoor

Hjorts are grey-skinned froggy beings of plump shape and bulging eyes. Their skin has a pebbly texture and they are known to decorate it with spots of color.


Origin: Not native to Majipoor

Rather mysterious two-headed beings, much less populous than the other races. They are tall and thin with pale blue skin. Su-Suheris always have hyphenated names, with one name for each of their heads.
A Su-Suheris, painting by Jim Burns


Though Majipoor is off the major space routes, members of other races from off world do occasionally visit.


Origin: Not native to Majipoor

Kianimot is a planet relatively close to Majipoor, and home to Valentine's companion Khun. He has blue skin, mournful purple eyes, long legs, and very quick hands. He is presumably representative of inhabitants of his world.